Kingdom of Azuria

An enchanting event you'll cherish for years to come.

Is your birthday girl dreaming of a princess party? Celebrate with Us! Since 2009, we’ve offered something very special. The Kingdom of Azuria is a magical island where four leaf clovers grow like grass and rainbows stay the whole day. Our characters are a symbol for girls and boys to realize their own sweet power. 

We absolutely love bringing magical memories to make your little ones special day sparkle even brighter! The Kingdom offers enchanting princesses, fairies, ballerinas, mermaids, pirates, and storybook favorites.

Each characters brings a message of kindness, empowerment, etiquette, and grace. Our Princesses are a reminder that showing kindness to others is the way to be a true princess. During the party, characters weave in messages about embracing inner beauty, respecting yourself and others is more important that a glittery ballgown and sparkling tiara. Parents thank us for including these wholesome messages for their children. We believe, who better to be an example for children than a princess? Pirate Princess Clara’s message is that “the true treasure in life is friends” and we couldn't agree with her more

Just wait till you see the joy on your guests’ faces when a real princess arrives at the party! This will be your best party idea yet! Complete an event request and we’ll work with you to create the event you’ve been dreaming of for your little one.

What should I expect?

Princess parties are for up to 12 guests, unless otherwise noted. An additional charge is added per guest for parties with guest counts greater than the count of 12. Travel fee included for events within 20 miles of the palace. 

The character arrives a little after the party has begun and leaves before the parents begin arriving to pick up their little princesses.  We ask that you have an activity like eating cake or opening presents prepared as the character exits. It helps transition the children back into the event and also helps keep the fantasy of the Princess alive, rather than seeing her get into her not Royal Carriage. Yes, we have had children follow us to the car and react very disappointedly when they realize they can't go home with the princess.

Should we dress up?

We suggest you encourage guests to dress up in their royal finery. However, everyone should feel comfortable to wear what they like. We especially love the events where our party hosts get dressed up and join in the fun. Yes, you can get just as into this as your little ones will.

Ensemble Characters

We love performing with each other! Our ensemble characters are perfect if you are looking for more than one performer to entertain at your event. An ensemble cast is recommended for larger parties (over 16 guests).

Just imagine the delight on your sweet little princess’ face when a real princess attends her party.